TiLite CR1 Rigid Frame Manual Wheelchair

The TiLite CR1 merges design, efficiency and function in a stunning custom fibre frame.

The TiLite CR1 features a unique frame design with its dual-angled front end and ovalised tube profile. The frame’s downtube has an additional bend, allowing users to get closer to other surfaces for easier transfers. This unique design also allows where the caster arms connect to the sideframe to be further back in space, providing improved access in tight areas. The elongated, ovalised tubing not only helps to minimise the frame flex and energy loss through the knee bend,but offers a larger and flatter surface for the user’s legs to rest against. It’s all about making mobility as effortless, convenient and comfortable as possible.

The TiLite CR1 also features an integrated fold-down backrest, where custom-profiled side guards are incorporated into the frame, serving as structural members that securely hold the backrest in place. This ingenious design allows the user to unlock and fold down the backrest with the sideguards still attached for easy transportation.

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TiLite CR1 dual angled front end
Dual-angled front end

With an additional bend in the frame’s downtube, users are able to get up to 2″ closer to other surfaces for easier transfers. This bend also allows for the castors to be rotated back in space for improved access in tight areas.

TiLite CR1 fold down backrest
Integrated fold-down backrest

Optimising weight savings while maintaining functionality was our greatest challenge. Custom-profiled side guards that act as structural members to the frame hold the backrest in place and allow you to fold down your backrest for easy transportation.

TiLite CR1 close up of front end
Innovative design

From specially designed castor bearings for vertical load application and weight reduction, to new carbon fibre castor wheels and titanium reinforcement trim rings, the TiLite CR1 chair is full of innovation.

TiLite CR1 being used at a gym
Technical specifications
Transport weight3.9kg
Seat width13" - 18"
Seat depth 13" - 19"
Front seat height17.5" - 20.75"
Seat slope7°, 10°, 13°
Front frame angle85°
Seat back height10" - 17"
Camber0°, 2°, 4°
Centre of gravity adjustment2"
Backrest angle80° - 101°
Compatible with SmartdiveYes
Weight limit105kg

Warranty Information
The TiLite CR1 has a five year limited warranty on the frame and 12 months on TiLite components. You can download detailed warranty information here.  

    Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
    The TiLite CR1 has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

    • AS/NZS 3695:1:2011

    ARTG Certificate: 147047

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