Tilite Twist Paediatric Manual Wheelchair

The Twist wheelchair from TiLite delivers an ultra-light paediatric growth wheelchair. The Twist is an exceptional combination of innovation, style and function with a dash of fun. The Twist grows in depth up to 75mm (3 inches), and in width by 50mm (2 inches) without the need to purchase any parts.

  • Built-in growth with no new parts needed
  • High grade aluminum light-weight frame – 5.4kg
  • High degree of adjustability
  • Mono tube frame makes in compact; very good for transport

Designed from the ground up for kiddos, the Twist encourages exploration, independence, and, yes, playfulness. 

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Other chairs say they grow, but new parts or growth kits are required. With the Twist, growth is built in. Sized from 8″ x 8″ up to 15″ x 16″, the Twist offers 2″ of growth in seat width and 3″ of growth in seat depth.

Full adjustability

The Tru-Fit system opens up the world of adjustability by incorporating an infinite adjustment mechanism. The Tru-Fit system allows you to fine tune the fit of your wheelchair because you are not limited to a series of pre-set holes.

TiLite Twist - easy for parents
Parent friendly

If your child is tired, a hill looms ahead, or you just feel like lending a hand, the Twist has the option of Height Adjustable Push Handles (pictured) or a Center-Mounted Push Handle. Height-adjustable and easily removable, the handles are there when you want it and not when you don’t.

Technical specifications
Frame featuresAluminium mono-tube rigid
Full adjustability
Total chair width (based on 12” x 12” chair with 0° camber, minimum rear wheel spacing and all standard features)19"
Seat width8"-15" (2" of built-in seat width adjustment)
Seat depth8"-16" (3" of built-in seat depth adjustment)
Front seat height13"-20" (up to 2.25" of built-in front seat height adjustment)
Rear seat height12"-19.5" (up to 3.5" of built-in rear seat height adjustment)
Front frame angle70°, 80° or 90°
Seat back typeFolding seat back:
Adjustable height: 8.5"-21"
Adjustable angle: 80°-101°
Camber0°, 2°, 4°, 6°, 8° or 12°
Centre of gravity adjustment6"
Transport optionsTransit tie-down
Transport weight (weight varies by configuration and does not include wheels)5.44kg
Weight limit74.8kg

Warranty Information
The TiLite Twist has a five year limited warranty on the frame and 12 month warranty on TiLite components. You can download detailed warranty information here.  

    Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
    The TiLite Twist has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

    • AS/NZS 3695.1:2011
    • ISO 7176-19:2008

    ARTG Certificate: 147047

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