The Rifton Adaptive Tricycle is designed to give children greater independence and to assist with their development. The adaptive tricycle can help children develop their coordination, and strength through steering exercises, uphill pedalling, stopping and starting, backing up, and safety awareness. It has become a form of therapy for many children, at home and school.

The Trike has a number of benefits for children. It helps to strengthen lower extremities, assists with balancing skills and reciprocal leg motion patterning, allows children to use visual and spatial perception for steering the trike, and it provides a way for social interaction. The Rifton trike has no-tool adjustments, a range of components to meet the needs of your child or client, and it aims to assist in building confidence and having fun.

Features include large, puncture-proof BMX-type wheels that are easy to use outdoors and indoors. There is a hidden stop to prevent over-steering, and a low gear ratio that helps to slow the trike down. It has a wide wheelbase for stability, and self-levelling pedals with hook and loop straps that keep the feet straight and secure. A storage tray on the back near the wheels provides space for toys, drinks, medical necessities and so on, and can easily be removed for cleaning.

The tricycle is available in three sizes, Small for children up to 58 kilograms, Medium up to 72 kilograms, and Large up to 90 kilograms. You can determine the best size by measuring the distance from the seat centre to the extended foot pedal. The seats and seat belt are adjustable, and the seats are available in a few sizes. There are backrest pads for additional comfort, and three sizes of handlebars to choose from. The trikes are available in lime green, red and blue.

Keep in mind that adult supervision is required at all times.


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