Wheelchair Push and Transfer Gloves- Rubber Grip


These wheelchair push and transfer glove enhance users grip during transfers, push and deceleration down hills. The gloves protect the palm and wrist from abrasions, while the open finger designs enables independent donning and doffing by persons with limited hand function.

Features include:

  • Open Fingers, Half Thumb, Wrap-Around Design
  • Made of 100% Leather with a rubber grip for extra grip (also available only in leather)
  • Padded in Palms and Wrists
  • 3” of Dual Velcro Closure for a Secure Fit
  • Non-Slip Rubber Surface Enhances Grips
  • Extended Velcro Design Allows for Multi-Size Fit
  • Protects Palms and Wrists Against Skin Abrasions


This product is expected to ship within 5 days of your order being placed.

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