Zippie X’Cape Paediatric Folding Manual Wheelchair

The Zippie X’Cape paediatric folding wheelchair is the first ever wheelchair combining the performance of a rigid frame and the convenience of a folding frame through the use of Zippie’s XLock technology. Designed for active and growing kids, the Zippie X’Cape weighs as little as 8.6kgs and features a versatile frame available in over 600 color combinations.

The Zippie X’Cape was designed with the goal of helping children with varying mobility needs transition to their next level of independence. One of the lightest pediatric folding wheelchairs at as little as 8.6kgs, the X’Cape allows your child to spend less energy on propulsion and more on playing, exploring, and being a kid!

The X’Cape’s setup can be fine-tuned to provide the best possible access to the wheels for each child. As they grow, 2″ of growth in the crossbrace and 3″ in the seat rail keep your child positioned properly for maximum independence.

The Zippie X’Cape’s patented XLOCK folding crossbrace fully locks when unfolded, creating a level of performance, efficiency, and durability comparable to a rigid frame wheelchair. And it couldn’t be easier to transport. One-step push-to-lock and pull-to-fold functions are easy to operate with just one hand.

The Z-finity System’s footplate can be adjusted between .5″ above the seat pan to 21″ below the seat pan to provide proper support as your child grows. Its rotating hardware allows for infinite adjustment of the footrest angle and placement to achieve optimal positioning of the feet, ankles, and knees.

The X’Cape‘s 27 frame colors and 24 crossbrace colors can be chosen separately to create over 600 color combinations, so your child can sport their team colours, school colours, or personal favorites!


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