Powered Wheelchairs


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For individuals that need them, a powered wheelchair can be life-changing. At GTK we offer a range of premium powered wheelchairs, each one designed to suit your unique requirements, style, and budget.

Powered wheelchairs are the perfect option for those that need help with their mobility over various terrains, want independence in managing their posture and pressure needs and access to environmental controls.

Equipped with high-quality powered drive-motors powered wheelchairs are able to tackle even the steepest inclines. With long-range batteries, and easy to operate control systems, our powered wheelchairs are the perfect option to help regain your freedom.

What Type of Powered Wheelchairs Do We Offer?

Powered wheelchairs come in three primary types — front, mid, and rear wheel drive — each with its own particular benefits. At GTK, our customisations are built upon one of our base models so understanding the model that’s right for you is important to getting a final product that serves your needs.

How Can GTK Help?

At GTK we pride ourselves on giving every client a custom product tailored to your specific needs. We will help you select the base most appropriate and then individualise the seating, programming and functional actuators to make you independent. We offer a wide range of customisations from aesthetics changes to changes in functionality and design to aid in the chairs usage and comfort. There is no one-size-fits-all solution so get in touch with our team.