Permobil M5 Corpus Mid-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair

The Permobil M5 Power Wheelchair follows your natural body movement, giving you a best-in-class driving experience, so you can sit for longer, reach further and travel greater distances – especially when driving outdoors. With Agile suspension on all wheels, it sets a new standard for mid-wheel drive
comfort, providing stability and grip on slopes and uneven ground. That stability means you can drive while elevated with full suspension functionality.

  • Customisable seating
  • Five power seating functions, with three programmable seat memories
  • 5 km/h@ 14″ seat elevation
  • FlexLink Pro dynamic suspension
  • Electric tilt adjustment (anterior) 10°/20°
  • Electric tilt adjustment (posterior) 50°


5km/h @ 14″ of Seat Elevation

14″ seat elevator that maintains full suspension at any seating position and drive speed.

Flexlink Suspension

Unique suspension geometry and linear spring design that is paired with patent pending FlexLink™ Suspension for advanced vibration reduction.

Rugged Casters

Choose from 8″ rugged or standard caster options. The M5’s adjustment-free flutter damping device enhances the experience of superior casters.

5km/h @ 14″ of Seat Elevation

Rugged Casters

  • 17-23"
  • 14-22"
  • 150kg
  • 37.5"
  • 25"

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