Ashleigh Haskins

Ashleigh Haskins

Assistive Technology Consultant
BAppSc (OT)

Ashleigh has a wide range of experience in disability with a particular focus in adult physical disability (multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spinal bifida etc) and assistive technology.

Prior to joining our team, Ashleigh worked at MS Australia and Northcott. She also spent a couple of years in the UK working in inpatient rehab and Social Services and while there was nominated for a Reading Borough Council Excellence Award by a client for her outstanding service provision.

While at MS Australia, Ashleigh was involved in the pilot for the use of chatrooms for client education sessions and provided teaching sessions for MS clients on wheelchair considerations. She helped develop the Learn 4 Life client education programs at Northcott and has presented client workshops on assistive technology.

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