Addressing Paediatric Posture over 24 Hours (Melbourne)

Addressing Paediatric Posture over 24 Hours workshop - Melbourne

We spend a lot of time making sure our clients are provided with the best support in their wheelchairs, but often forget about the many hours they spend out of the chair. Come join us to learn about the many benefits of postural support over the full 24 hour time span, including time in and out of the wheelchair. This will be an action packed day filled with hands on learning and getting hands-on with the equipment.

Our goals for the day are to:

  • Feel confident in assessing paediatric clients for seating and mobility assistive technology.
  • Understand the importance of supportive positioning in wheelchair seating, alternative seated surfaces, lying and standing.
  • Recognise how to make wheelchair and alternate seating selections to optimise function as the child grows.
  • Learn what the research says regarding the benefits of 24 hour positioning.
  • Understand how postural support systems can enhance function and participation in your paediatric clients.

Thursday 16th June, 2022

9am – 4.30pm (please arrive to register at 8.30am)


GTK Melbourne

25/18 Edward Street, Oakleigh Victoria 3166



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