Ashleigh Haskins

Sales and Marketing    |   BAppSc (OT)

Ashleigh Haskins

With over 15 years of occupational therapy experience in the field, Ashleigh specialises in wheelchair and seating prescription and assistive technology. She has a wide range of experience in disability with a particular focus in adult physical disability (multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida etc) and assistive technology.

Prior to joining our team, Ashleigh worked in the assistive technology prescription and physical disability areas. She began her career at Northcott in the adult physical disability team, before moving to the Computer Assistive Technology Service and MS Australia. Ashleigh also spent time working in the UK in adult community teams. 

For the past nine years, Ashleigh has been working as part of the GTK team in various roles. She spent several years working as an Assistive Technology Consultant, matching the right AT equipment to the individuals needs, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality. Her favourite part of the role was getting to be a part of helping someone meet their goals through the use of AT equipment, such as a child taking their first steps or having their first taste of independent mobility through a power wheelchair, or someone being able to go out into their cherished garden for the first time in years. 

Ashleigh currently provides assistance from behind the scenes at GTK, working on our clinical articles, newsletter, clinical education offerings and is at the helm of our social media presence.