Easystand Evolv Standing Frame

The EasyStand Evolv is one of the most supportive and comfortable sit to stand standers available. The modular design ensures the Evolv is functional for many different users, however when more support is needed a wide variety of positioning options can be added to accommodate the most involved user. The Evolv enables full extension at the hips and knees for those with sufficient range of motion (ROM) and full weight-bearing on the long bones of the legs. For those with limited ROM, sit to stand provides an opportunity to stand in a partial weight-bearing position and potentially progress to full extension over time. With over 60 options and configurations, each unit can be built specifically for an individual or facility.

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Easystand Evolv in action
A safe option

The three point system of padded knee pad, seat, and chest pad provides the individual with support in all positions from sitting to standing. The sit to stand option also allows the user to ascend and descend at their own pace and the ability to stop anywhere between sitting and standing.

Easystand Evolv in use
Shadow tray

The Shadow Tray provides constant anterior support between sitting and standing, perfect for the individual with limited upper body support and allows standing in a partial weight-bearing position or stopping to rest or acclimate when needed.

Easystand Evolv transfer
Transfers made easy
For those that self-transfer, it is a quick lateral transfer, flip the knee pad down and you are ready to start standing. For those that require an assisted transfer, several options are available to ease assisted transfers, such as swing-away fronts, removable backs, transfer and swivel seats, as well as elevated rear legs that allow more flexibility when patient lifters are needed.
Easystand Evolv with shadow tray
Acclimated standing
Newly injured and those that have not stood recently often need to acclimate to standing. Sit to Stand allows a user to stop at any point between sitting and standing. This is also beneficial for those who have minor contractures in the knees and hips and allows them to be fully ranged out over time.
Full hip and knee extension

The Evolv allows for an over-center stretch of the hips and the full extension of the knees. This is ideal for achieving all the health benefits of standing. Critical areas are padded so the knee pad, seat, back and front pad are always well cushioned. ROHO® seat cushions and knee pads are options for those with pressure management issues.

Easystand Evolv modular design
Modular design
The Evolv’s design accommodates both users needing little added support and those who require significant positioning to go from sitting to standing. With over 60 different positioning options, developed with advice from therapists, the Evolv can accommodate the most severe disabilities. Additionally, the Evolv is perfect for progressive disabilities such as Multiple Sclerosis and ALS are progressive, as positioning options can be added or changed over time.
Technical specifications
Weight limit90kg127kg159kg
Height range (approx.)122cm - 168cm152cm - 188cm183cm - 208cm
Seat to footplate range28cm - 46cm36cm - 53cm43cm - 58cm
Seat depth range 36cm - 48cm46cm - 58cm51cm - 64cm
Seat height from floor55cm55cm60cm
Knee pad depth range9cm - 15cm9cm - 15cm12cm - 18cm
Weight of basic unit46kg47kg51kg
Frame footprint 67cm x 85cm67cm x 85cm70cm x 95cm

Warranty Information
A five year warranty is provided on the Easystand steel frames. A two year warranty is provided on the hydraulic actuator. A 90-day warranty is provided on upholstered components, plastic pads and other components. 

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
Easystand standing frames been tested to and comply with the following standards:

  • ISO 13485:2003
  • EN ISO 13485:2012
  • AAMI ES60601-1
  • CAS CSS.2#60601-1
  • IEC 60601-1-11
  • BS EN 12182:19999page1image56240064page1image56234304 

ARTG Certificate: 342931 

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