Ottobock B4 Power Wheelchair

The Ottobock B4 is a compact and robust entry level power wheelchair. The rear-wheel drive B4 offers enhanced safety and comfortable damping characteristics for outdoor use. It is also compact and manoeuvrable indoors. Permanent drive wheel suspension compensates for uneven surfaces and the wheelchair’s small outside dimension makes it easier to drive through narrow doorways and navigate in confined spaces.


Mobility base

The rear-wheel drive mobility base of the B4 is robust, durable and requires little maintenance. Driving through narrow doorways and navigating in confined spaces is made easier by the small outside dimension with a width of just 59 cm.

Ottobock B4 - drive wheel suspension
Drive wheel suspension

Permanent drive wheel suspension compensates for uneven surfaces and ensures enhanced safety and comfortable damping. This can be further optimised with an additional front suspension.

Ottobock B4 - anti tip wheels
Anti-tipper rollers

Integrated anti-tipper rollers ensure enhanced safety and protect against damage when driving backward.

Technical specifications
Speeds6 km/h | 7.2 km/h | 10km/h
Max load160kg
Climbing ability 7° (12%)
Overall width585mm - 595mm
Length of base31.5", 28.5"
Minimum turning radius800mm
Seat height (depending on seating solution)410mm - 570mm
Seat width340mm - 560mm
Seat depth340mm - 580mm
Back support angle-9° to +30° mechanical
0° to 30° power
Seat tilt20°/45° power
Seat inclination-3° | 0° | 3° | 6° | 9°
Back support height370mm - 550mm
Arm support height200mm - 400mm
Lower leg length150mm - 540mm
Weight when emptyFrom 93.5kg
Warranty Information
The Ottobock B4 power wheelchair is under warranty for 24 months. The frame has a 48 month warranty. Exclusions to the warranty include normal wear & tear, including e.g. tires, casters, ball bearings, textile covers, arm support pads, carbon brushes, lights), Force majeure and use for sports activities.  

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Ottobock B4 has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • AS/NZS 3696.32:2013

ARTG Certificate: 292876

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