Permobil K450 MX Paediatric Power Wheelchair

The all-wheel suspension system of the Permobil K450 MX provides a smooth ride, whether cruising the halls at school or heading out to the playground. The power seat-to-floor function lets children get down on the ground, perfect for story time, transfers and playing with others. The seat-to-floor height ranges from 3″ to 26,” making it easy to sit at a table or counter and even to reach things down low.

Plus, the K450 MX features R-Net electronics and has an array of power functions, including: seat elevator, seat-to-floor and optional power tilt. The modular seating system has center mount adjustable legrests and comes with a free growth kit – something every kid needs.

More Information

Permobil K450 MX - elevated position
MX seating system

The MX seating system is one of Permobil’s most unique and liberating products. Designed with a seat-to-floor function, the MX lets children lower all the way down to the ground. The MX is perfect for story time, transfers and playing with others.

Technical Specifications
Maximum user weight59.8kg
Driving range27.4km
Maximum speed8km/h
Length of base88.9cm
Width of base63.5cm
Base turning radius71.1cm
Ground clearance 6.3cm
Seat to floor height3"-26" (with seat elevator)
Tilt options0º - 45º
Recline options85º-105º (manual recline only)
Legrest angle 90º-125º (manual)
Armrest pad lengths8", 12.5"
Backrest heights14" - 22.5"
Seat elevationOptional 8"/200mm
Drive electronicsR-Net 90A
Maximum slope10º up | 10º down

Warranty Information
The Permobil K450 MX has a two year limited warranty.

You can download detailed warranty information from Permobil here.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Permobil K450 MX has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • AS/NZS 3695:1992
  • ISO 7176-19:2001

ARTG Certificate: 275074

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