Bingo Evo Stroller

The Bingo Evo Stroller is an adjustable special needs stroller with a large variety of accessories and supports to match your child’s needs. The Bingo Evo has a carer friendly design and the growth and versatility to grow and change with your child.

The Bingo Evo Stroller has adjustable seating and in built growth. It is an extremely compact base when folded to fit into car boots. There is maximum comfort for the child with the strollers multi directional suspension.

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Bingo Evo close up of adaptive suspension system
Adaptive Suspension System
Fourfold adjustable frame suspension which can be easily adjusted without tools. The innovative suspension system absorbs bumps from the ground, allowing the frame to be flexible in all directions, even diagonally which is especially effective off-road or on rough terrain.
Bingo Evo close up of covers
Easy care covers
The Bingo Evo has an individual upholstery system that has removable foam cushions in the seat, back, head areas and lateral supports, allowing an easy customisation of the seating position.
Bingo Evo recline range
Back Recline
The Bingo Evo features an easy to use back support recline of 90° to 160° for size 1 and 2, and 90° to 135° for size 3, letting your child rest back or sit upright. The recline is operated by a simple turn knob on the rear of the back rest that is positioned centrally and easy to reach, allowing easy and secure handling.
Bingo Evo tilt in space range
45° tilt-in-space
The special construction of the tilt mechanism allows a 45° tilt of the seat unit in and in a reverse riding position without compromising the overall stability. This is operated by a simple lever on the rear of the back support that is easy to reach and operate.
Bingo Evo in folded position
Compact folded size
The Bingo Evo is easy to store in a car boot. The innovative folding mechanism can be released easily on the push bar.
Bingo Evo with forward and rear facing shown
Forward or rear facing
Easily remove and switch the seat unit around so your child can see you or see the world.
Bingo Evo with IV pole
Appropriate for high needs

The Bingo Evo can be fitted with accessories and supports to make it ideal for children that may have high dependency needs. Accessories include Oxygen Bottle Holders, IV Poles, Ventilator Trays and more.

Bingo Evo with underneath storage basket
Generous storage basket
The Bingo Evo comes standard with a generous underneath storage basket to hold all of the necessities.
Bingo Evo with removable seat unit
Removable seat unit
Easily remove the seat unit for storage or travelling.
Bingo Evo with height adjustable handle
Height-adjustable handle
The Bingo Evo has a height adjustable handle that is easy to adjust with two push buttons on either side of the handle. It has many increments of adjustment, ensuring optimum height for the person pushing.
Bingo Evo with growth availability shown
Growth adjustable seat unit
The Bingo Evo has an adjustable seat unit with adjustable seat depth and width, back support height and lower leg length, ensuring that the stroller grows your child.
Bingo Evo with two bases shown
One seat unit, two base options
The Bingo Evo comes standard with a sturdy and robust stroller base, plus there is the option of a high-low indoor Cobra base.
Technical specifications
Seat base
 Size 1Size 2Size 3
Seat depth16cm - 34cm22cm - 40cm27cm - 45cm
Seat width18cm - 30cm23cm - 35cm23cm - 35cm
Lower leg length16cm - 37cm16cm - 40cm16cm - 40cm
Back support height45cm - 63cm54cm - 75cm62cm - 83cm
Height of slots for shoulder straps28cm - 46cm34cm - 55cm43cm - 64cm
Seat to floor height46cm (dependent on tilt position of seat)46cm (dependent on tilt position of seat)46cm (dependent on tilt position of seat)
Back recline functionYesYesYes
Maximum user weight50kg50kg50kg
Weight (base and seat)15kg16.1kg17.1kg
Mobility Base with Swivel Wheels
 Size 1Size 2
Seat unit compatibilityFor Size 1 Bingo seat unitFor Size 2 and 3 Bingo seat unit
Push handle height75cm - 110cm75cm - 110cm
Overall width63cm68cm
Front wheel diameter (swivel)19cm19cm
Rear wheel diameter29cm29cm
Folded size (with rear wheels)80cm x 63cm x 38cm80cm x 68cm x 38cm
Folded size (without rear wheels)80cm x 63cm x 31cm80cm x 68cm x 31cm
Maximum user weight60kg60kg

Warranty Information
The Bingo Evo stroller has a 12 month warranty. 

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Bingo Evo stroller has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • ISO 7176-19
  • AS 3695

ARTG Certificate: 160785

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