Bingo Evo Twin Stroller

Do you need a twin special needs stroller? The Bingo Evo stroller is now available with a special Twin Attachment which allows two Bingo Evo strollers to be connected together. This still allows the flexibility of using the strollers together with the Twin Attachment, or split into individual strollers where required. The attachment connects to interface plates with a securing plunger, and wheels are placed in a holding position to enable them to be clear of the stroller’s castors.

It is extremely easy to steer both strollers together, as shown in the video below. Direction locks on the wheels can be engaged on the front stroller to enable more positive steering for circumstances such as navigiating slopes. Due to the frame articulation, transits over curbs are simple should these need to be negotiated. Seat configuration is also flexible, as both seats can be swapped from rear-facing or forward-facing as suited to the users’ requirements.


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Bingo Evo Twin stroller - flexibility
Use as two singles or double stroller

Fourfold adjustable frame suspension which can be easily adjusted without tools. The innovative suspension system absorbs bumps from the ground, allowing the frame to be flexible in all directions, even diagonally which is especially effective off-road or on rough terrain.

Bingo Evo Twin stroller - close up of interface plate
Interface for secure connection

The Bingo Evo has an individual upholstery system that has removable foam cushions in the seat, back, head areas and lateral supports, allowing an easy customisation of the seating position.

Bingo Evo Twin stroller - close up wheels
Wheel options for ease of steering
Direction locks on the wheels can be engaged on the front stroller to enable more positive steering, especially when navigating slopes.
Bingo Evo with Spex Wonderseat
Available with the Spex Wonderseat

The Twin Attachment can also be used with the Spex Wonderseat, allowing a double Spex Wonderseat to be configured.

Technical specifications
Bingo Evo Seat base
 Size 1Size 2Size 3
Seat depth16cm - 34cm22cm - 40cm27cm - 45cm
Seat width18cm - 30cm23cm - 35cm23cm - 35cm
Lower leg length16cm - 37cm16cm - 40cm16cm - 40cm
Back support height45cm - 63cm54cm - 75cm62cm - 83cm
Height of slots for shoulder straps28cm - 46cm34cm - 55cm43cm - 64cm
Seat to floor height46cm (dependent on tilt position of seat)46cm (dependent on tilt position of seat)46cm (dependent on tilt position of seat)
Back recline functionYesYesYes
Maximum user weight50kg50kg50kg
Weight (base and seat)15kg16.1kg17.1kg
Single Mobility Base with Swivel Wheels
 Size 1Size 2
Seat unit compatibilityFor Size 1 Bingo seat unitFor Size 2 and 3 Bingo seat unit
Push handle height75cm - 110cm75cm - 110cm
Overall width63cm68cm
Front wheel diameter (swivel)19cm19cm
Rear wheel diameter29cm29cm
Folded size (with rear wheels)80cm x 63cm x 38cm80cm x 68cm x 38cm
Folded size (without rear wheels)80cm x 63cm x 31cm80cm x 68cm x 31cm
Maximum user weight60kg60kg

Please note that both stroller bases must be the same size for the Twin Attachment to be used.
Warranty Information
The Bingo Evo stroller has a 12 month warranty. 

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Bingo Evo stroller has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • ISO 7176-19
  • AS 3695

ARTG Certificate: 160785

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