Decpac Multipurpose ramp


Invacare Portable Ramps are manufactured with a unique combination of uni-directional glass and carbon fibre materials to create an extremely strong and lightweight ramp suitable for loading wheelchairs or scooters into vehicles. Tested to AS/NZ Standards, up to 300kg, Invacare Portable Ramps require no assembly, so can be deployed for use in seconds. Invacare Portable Ramps to fold with a concertina action, allowing for a much smaller width when folded.

The Multipurpose ramp is available in 87cm and 100cm lengths. It is a longer and wider ramp design, designed to cope with a wider range of obstacles making it more suitable for commercial and travel situations. It’s invaluable when venturing outdoors.

Max height capacity for 87cm ramp: 14.5cm

Max height capacity for 100cm ramp: 16.5cm


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