RGK Octane FX Rigid Manual Wheelchair

It’s time to spread your wings and see the world. No more storing your chair in the hold of aircrafts, being forced to use a bulky, non-self-propelled chair when travelling through the airport terminals, or taking up a full car seat with your solid wheelchair frame. The Octane FX is here for you. It simply folds into a briefcase style shape, easily slipping in to overhead lockers and practical sized car trunks.

No cross-folding. No trade-off of stability, rigidly, or weight. Stop avoiding seeing the world: get a flawless day chair that’s perfectly suited for intrepid travellers.

The titanium frame makes it perfect for trips to the beach or pushing over cobblestones. With the Octane FX, you truly can go anywhere.

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More Information

RGK OctaneFX folding
Revolutionary Q-lock folding front design

The Q-Lock transforms a lightweight rigid chair into one that can fit into an airline locker or just a small space, without compromising on rigidity. 

RGK Octane FX being folded
Highest quality materials

Only the best materials are used in your Octane FX. T Grade 9 titanium, the highest quality of titanium, is used and ensures a lightweight and durable frame with a super smooth ride. Titanium has a far greater durability compared to steel and aluminium, and also has natural shock absorbing qualities to soak up road vibration. It is also resistant to corrosion. 

RGK Octane FX is made to measure
Made to measure

Over 30 individual measurements are taken of the user, to ensure the Octane FX fits their individual requirements. The aim is to have the user and wheelchair work in complete unison, which reduces the amount of energy needed to propel. A wide range of ergonomic options are available to provide optimum comfort, balance and posture.

RGK Octane FX Rigid Manual Wheelchair image at GTK
Ultra lightweight

With a transport weight of only 5.3kg (excluding wheels and cushion and with a 400mm x 400mm seat width), the Octane FX is the ultimate wheelchair for an active lifestyle. It is effortless to transfer into the car or to push long distances.

RGK Octane FX folded in overhead locker
Stress free travel

The Octane FX folds into a size that can fit into most airline overhead lockers. When you get to your destination, you don’t need to worry if your wheelchair made it in one piece or even made it at all.

Not a frequent flyer? The small size of the Octane FX when folded allows you to make room for more important things in your life when travelling around day-to-day. 

RGK Octane FX Rigid Manual Wheelchair image at GTK 1
Airtech Technology

The tension adjustable back and seat upholstery features Airtech technology, a breathable material to keep you cool while providing better support and positioning. It is lightweight, tough and designed for longevity, featuring kevlar reinforced wings.

Technical specifications
Seat width250mm - 500mm
Seat depth250mm - 500mm
Front seat height380mm - 550mm
Rear seat height360mm - 550mm
Backrest height150mm - 600mm
Backrest angle-10° - 20°
Camber0°, 1°, 2°, 3°, 5°
Colours25 colours
Maximum user weight125kg
Total weight6.5kg - 11.5kg depending on configuration
Warranty Information
The RGK range is warranted against manufacturing and/or material fault on the wheelchair frame for 24 months for the frame and within 5 years for any cross-braces after delivery to the customer. For original spare parts which have been fitted at the customer’s expense, these will have a 12 months guarantee, (following the fitting). Consumable parts such as pads, tyres, inner tubes and similar parts are excluded from the warranty, except in the case that premature wear of the part is the direct result of a manufacturing fault.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The RGK Octane FX has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • AS 3695
  • AS 3696

ARTG Certificate: 257593 

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