Freewheel Folding Adaptor


The Freewheel Folding Adaptor allows individuals with a folding frame wheelchair to use a Freewheel.

Attaching to the horizontal side frame of the wheelchair, the Adaptor connects the two sides and adds strength and rigidity to support the use of the FreeWheel. Once the Adaptor is set up for a wheelchair, it only takes seconds to remove, by unscrewing two knobs on each side. The Adaptor does need to be removed from the wheelchair to fold the chair. The Adaptor and FreeWheel may be used on wheelchairs that have one or two piece footplates.

In order to be suitable for the Freewheel Adaptor, your wheelchair must:

  • have 2.5” of round, horizontal side tubing to attach Folding Wheelchair Adaptor. Tubing may be angled, as long as the sides are parallel.
  • Round horizontal tubing may be 1” or 1-1/8” in diameter.
  • Width between horizontal tubing 13” to 19”.
  • Side tubing height: 2 footrests 6” to 16”
  • Single footrest 10” to 16”.
  • Maximum height 4” on single footrest.

If your wheelchair doesn’t meet these specifications, please contact us to see if a custom adaptor is possible.


This product is expected to ship within 5 days of your order being placed.


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