Jenx Monkey Prone Stander

Specifically designed to appeal to young children and their families, the Jenx Monkey is an ideal fun and gentle introduction to standing. Offering smooth and easy angle adjustment, even with the child in the product, the Monkey can go from upright at 90 degrees right down to 20 degrees prone – perfect for gradually building tolerance to standing as part of a therapy programme.

Capacity for outstanding thoracic and pelvic support coupled with flexible leg positioning make the Monkey Prone Stander a great option for almost every child.

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Jenx Monkey - bright and friendly
Bright and friendly
The Jenx Monkey has been carefully styled to offer the best in early intervention support in a gentle, bright and friendly way.
Jenx Monkey - angle adjustment
Angle Adjustment
Each child will have a slightly different posture in standing and need slightly different support. The angle of the support surface can be adjusted from 20° prone through to upright, 90°. And, because the adjustment is infinite, the Monkey can be set to exactly the right angle for each individual child. This means a child’s progress can be monitored and the angle of the board altered in line with changes in their ability.
Jenx Monkey - comfortable upholstery
Comfortable upholstery
Fully upholstered chest, hip and leg boards help make standing more comfortable for children, which helps to increase their tolerance of standing too. A happier and more comfortable child will spend longer standing and more time reaping the benefits that standing offers.
Jenx Monkey - hip and chest straps
Adjustable hip and chest straps
The innovative hip and chest straps close in the centre and are adjusted at each end for length independently of each other. By adjusting the straps in this way you can ensure the child is positioned symmetrically, helping to keep them upright and comfortable to maximise the benefits of standing. In addition, once adjusted correctly the straps can be fixed making it difficult for siblings or classmates to tamper with and keeping everything neat and tidy.
Jenx Monkey - flexible growth
Flexible growth
The chest and hip boards can be independently altered and fixed, allowing you to exactly accommodate the proportions of each child.
Jenx Monkey - PU support pads
PU Support Pads
All support pads on the Monkey are made of PU for hygiene and ease of cleaning.
Jenx Monkey - quick and easy to use
Quick, simple and easy to use
The Jenx Monkey comes as a complete unit, meaning that what you receive out of the box is ready to be easily set up (with very few adjustments required).

Available options and accessories 

Technical specifications

Age range (approx)9 months - 4 years
Max user weight25kg
Angle range20° - 90°
Base size880mm - 575mm
Chest height (footplate to top of chest pad)510mm - 750mm
Chest pad width150mm - 235mm
Hip pad width150mm - 235mm
Tray depth360mm
Tray width530mm

Warranty Information
The Jenx Monkey is provided with a 24 month warranty from the date of purchase.  

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Jenx Monkey has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • EN12182:2012 
  • EN60601-1-2:2007 page1image56233728 page1image56234304 

ARTG Certificate: 261592 

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