Magic Mobility XT4 Power Wheelchair

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The XT4 is the world’s most extreme off-road powerchair in an urban-sized footprint. With front and rear suspension and servo powered steering, it’s designed to extend the limits of personal freedom in a world that’s not flat.

Delivering more range with high-capacity batteries and integrated high efficiency headlights as standard, the XT4 offers everything you need to venture further – with more confidence – than ever before.

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Magic Mobility XT4 on rough track
Ultimate 4WD traction and stability

The patented suspension coupled with the power of a motor to each of the four drive wheels delivers the ultimate in obstacle climbing, traction and control. Front and rear wheels are mounted on their own pivoting arms that adjust independently to follow the contours of the terrain. This helps keep all four wheels on the ground and delivers a smoother ride, greater stability and more control across even the most extreme offroad terrains.

Magic Mobility XT4 on headland
Go further for longer and see more

Large capacity batteries come standard on the XT4. These provide exceptional range for a powerful 4WD, extending your scope for adventurous exploration and boosting your confidence to go the distance.
Now you can go further for longer and with added peace of mind.

Magic Mobility XT4 going over rough terrain
Eat kerbs for breakfast

With four powerful 700-Watt motors, the XT4 delivers the power you need to plough through practically any terrain and tackle the toughest of life’s obstacles. So, if your question is ‘Can the XT4 take me there?’, the most likely answer is YES!

Magic Mobility XT4 precise control
Precise forward and reverse control

Even on slippery or low traction surfaces, the chair’s intuitive steering delivers a feeling of reliability, responsiveness and control, both in forward and reverse. The XT4 steers using a unique combination of differential wheel speeds paired with an industry-leading servo steering module.

Magic Mobility XT4 on beach
Fully equiped for adventure

The XT4 offers a range of powered features, seating and accessories designed to support and equip you for adventure. Stay comfortable all day while you enjoy your hobbies, explore new places or hit the beach. With accessories ranging from puncture-resistance kits and camera mounts to sunshades and fishing rod holders, Magic Mobility have thought of all you might need to discover more outdoors.

Magic Mobility XT4 Integrated LED lighting
Integrated LED lighting

Don’t get caught out in the dark! Light your way with confidence thanks to the integrated front and rear LED lighting system.

Choose your base colour

Select from Magic Mobility’s three most popular colours. The sleek, high-quality metallic finish adds wow factor, and gives depth and dimension to the XT4 range.

Magic Mobility XT4 red

Sunset Red

Magic Mobility XT4 blue

Horizon Blue

Magic Mobility XT4 black

Midnight Black

Technical Specifications

User weight limit160kg with power lift/tilt
182kg with fixed frame
Seating (depth and width)305mm - 610mm
12" to 24"
Maximum speed10 km/h
5 km/h with lift
Width of base700mm
Seat to floor height480mm
Ground clearance125mm
WheelsOff-road pneumatic 145 / 70-6
Turning radius1410mm
Motors4 x 700W gear in line
Chair weight (minimum)185kg (base, batteries, rehab seating, centre post legrest, no power lift functions)

220kg (base, batteries, rehab seating with power lift, tilt, recline and legrest)
Drive electronicsR-Net
Battery size115Ah (C20)

Warranty Information

    Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
    The Magic Mobility XT4 has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

    • TBA

    ARTG Certificate: TBA

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