Permobil M300 HD Power Wheelchair

The Permobil M300 HD is a heavy duty power wheelchair designed specifically for users up to 204kg.

The M300 base is highly maneuverable and has been both extended and widened for the HD model, while the suspension has been strengthened for an overall more stable platform. The M300 HD also has extremely sturdy armrests and legrests, as well as wider footplates to create additional room and comfort.

The M300 HD features the world-renowned Corpus seating system for the ultimate in comfort with an unmatched power tilt range of 0 — 45° and an unprecedented recline of 85 — 150°. The ultra-strong actuators allow users to safely elevate their feet above their hearts, while the durable mesh-style upholstery helps keep moisture away from the body.

With the legendary power and toughness of Permobil, the M300 Corpus HD is built to withstand the rigors of any heavy duty lifestyle.

More Information

Permobil M300 HD - tough enough
Tough Enough

The M300 HD takes all the things you love about Permobil’s Mid Wheel Drive and amplifies them. Outfitted with stronger actuators, more powerful motors, and a reinforced seating system; then completed with elegant features like fully adjustable leg rests and up to four power seat functions, the M300 HD is tough enough.

Your chair, your colours

Permobil believe that your chair should be a reflection of your personality, so they offer a wide variety of standard colour options for you to choose from for your shroud and hubcaps. Don’t see a colour you like? Permobil also offer custom solutions to give you the perfect product in the perfect colour.

Permobil M300 HD - full power functions
Full Power Functions

The M300 HD offers the world-renowned Corpus seating system for the ultimate in comfort with an unmatched power tilt range of 0 — 45°, recline of 85 — 150°, 8″ seat elevation and .

Technical Specifications
Maximum user weight204.1kg
Driving range32.2km
Maximum speed8km/h
Length of base96.5cm
Width of base66cm
Base turning radius55.9cm
Ground clearance 7.6cm
Seat to floor height18", 19", 20"
Seat width19"-25" (2" increments)
Seat depth19"-25" (1" increments)
Tilt optionsPosterior: 0º-45º
Backrest angle85º-120º (manual) | 85º-150º (power)
Legrest angle 85º-175º
Armrest pad lengths13", 16", 18"
Backrest heights21", 24"-29"
Seat elevationOptional 8"
Drive electronicsR-Net 120A
Maximum slope7.5º up | 7.5º down

Warranty Information
The Permobil M300 HD has a one year limited warranty.

You can download detailed warranty information from Permobil here.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Permobil M300 HD has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • AS/NZS 3695.2:2013
  • ISO 7176.19:2008

ARTG Certificate: 275074

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