Raz Züm AP/SP Mobile Shower Commode

The Raz Züm-AP/SP is the first folding frame mobile shower commode chair that offer the rigidity that you would expect from a premium product. The unique cross brace design allows the Züm to fit fully over a toilet for optimal alignment of the aperture with the toilet bowl and improved frame rigidity.

The Raz Züm mobile shower commode chair comes standard with the Ischial and Pelvic Alignment System (IPAS), removable back support, flip-up arm supports with optional lock kit and quick release axles. BYOW (Bring Your Own Wheels) custom axle receivers are also available to allow use of the user’s own wheelchair wheels.

Two models of the Raz Züm are available, the Züm-AP (attendant-propel) and Züm-SP (self-propel) configurations.

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Standard Features

Raz moulded seat
Moulded seat
The moulded seat is contoured for pressure reduction and pelvic stability. The soft integral-skin foam offers comfort and durability, and the seat is available with open or bridged front.
Ischial Pelvic Alignment System (IPAS)
The Ischial Pelvic Alignment System (see video below) provides 2” (5cm) of fore/aft adjustment so the seat can be aligned with the pelvis. The IPAS allows centering of the aperture (opening) around the user’s ischial tuber-sixties. The seat locks in place for transfers and removes easily for cleaning. Optional spacers are available for anterior or posterior seat angle adjustment.
Raz Zum AP SP adjustable footplates
Adjustable footplates

The footrests are removable for transfers and cleaning. The footrests swing in and out easily and the flip-up footplate moves easily out of the way when needed. You can adjust for leg length without tools, with the footrest available in regular length of 16″ to 20½” (40cm to 52cm) and extended length 18″ to 22½” (46cm to 57cm).

Raz Zum AP SP multi-position axle plate
Multi-Position axle plate

The multi-position axle plates provide 1.5″ of horizontal adjustment for optimum user and toilet bowl access. They allow for use of 22″ or optional 24″ rear wheels. 

Raz commode pan
Commode pan

The injection-moulded pan is designed for function and includes a lid for splash and odour control. The wide handle angled at 45 degrees provides better ergonomics, while the sloped front of pan moves contents toward the handle to reduce offset load, thereby making it easier to carry. Receiver brackets under the seat are visible from the rear of the chair, making it easier to slide the pan into place. The pan fits in a standard autoclave for sterilisation.

Available options and accessories 

Technical specifications

Weight capacity160kg160kg
Overall widthFrame open: 59cm
Frame folded: 28cm
Frame folded with back assembly removed: 19cm
Frame open: 64cm
Frame folded: 33cm
Frame folded with back assembly and wheels removed: 19cm
Overall length (with standard footrests and with rear wheels in standard position on SP model)86cm102cm with 22" wheels
104cm with 24" wheels
Seat width46cm (18")46cm (18")
Clearance height under seat With pan brackets: 17.25" (43cm)
Without pan brackets: 17.75" (45cm)
With pan brackets: 17.25" (43cm)
Without pan brackets: 17.75" (45cm)
Armrest height above seat8" (20cm)8" (20cm)
Seat to floor height21.5" (55cm) 21.5" (55cm)
Product weight20kg26kg
Frame materialBase frame: aluminium
Back frame and footrests: stainless steel
Hardware: stainless steel
Base frame: aluminium
Back frame and footrests: stainless steel
Hardware: stainless steel

Warranty Information
A two-year limited warranty covers the frame against manufacturing defects. A one-year limited warranty covers all other components, subject to normal wear and tear exclusions.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Raz Züm-AP/SP has been tested to and complies with the following standards:
  • AS/NZS 3973:2009 
ARTG Certificate: 169562 

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