Roho Agility Back Support

The ROHO AGILITY backrest is designed to accommodate various body sizes and shapes. It can be easily adjusted – even when the individual is seated. Adaptable to virtually any wheelchair, the AGILITY backrest will stay secure and in position. AGILITY backs are extremely lightweight and durable. The back shell is composed of aircraft-grade aluminium with durable, adjustable AIR FLOATATION™ inserts to provide unparalleled comfort.

  • Back Shell can be flipped to accommodate wider torsos and broader shoulders
  • Range of tilt angles (15 degrees forward or backward)
  • Depth, width and vertical adjustment capabilities
  • Three levels of contour for positioning needs

More Information

Minimum Back Contour Support: A range of widths and heights and 50mm contour for lateral support.

Mid Contour Back Support:  A range of widths and heights and 80mm contour for lateral support.

Max Back Contour Support: A range of widths and heights and 150mm contour for lateral support.

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