Stealth i-Drive Head Array

The Stealth i-Drive is a versatile control system for powered wheelchairs. With a drive control solution to suit most abilities the iDrive can be a great solution for those unable to utilise the standard hand control. The i-Drive is designed around a proprietary CPU (Central Processing Unit) and unique software, and this combination of hardware and software supports four powered switches and four mechanical switches. The optional configuration software updates whenever internet connection is available. The drive controls work at a frequency of 16kHz, which provides real time user interface and results in improved driving efficiency, better feedback, smoother control and a more intuitive “feel”.

The i-Drive head array options include:
– Tri Array Head array provides great comfort with great support for a head array, and comes standard with three proximity sensors and an egg switch for mode change /reset. It is a sleek minimal design that is simple to use
-The Pro Series i‑Drive Head Control System is the most adjustable head array. It comes standard with two Swing Aways, three proximity sensor pads, and an egg switch for mode change/reset. The Ultra Pro is customisable and can be optimized to the client’s needs. It allows accurate placement of all three drive pads.

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