NXT Armadillo Back Support

The NXT Armadillo Back Support is a multi-adjustable postural support back which features a three section modular shell with smartGEL™ Infused Visco Technology back cushion. The Armadillo is designed to adjust to fit the unique contour of the user’s spine and to accommodate users with Kyphosis and other unique spinal positioning needs.

The NXT Armadillo is able to wrap around the curve of the spine for users with Kyphosis and other unique spinal positioning needs. It features off-loading for spinous processes in the recessed middle channel. Expandable mounting hooks allow the back support to
mount on wider wheelchairs (up to 2″ wider), and the adjustable bottom plate offers individualised pelvic support at the PSIS.

The NXT Armadillo is also available with Vicair SmartCells, where a three section modular shell with a Vicair back cushion with multiple pockets containing SmartCells™ is included. In addition to the features offered with the foam back Armadillo, the Vicair cushion can be customized to effect the shape of the contour incrementally and permanently.

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NXT Armadillo back support with features shown

AAble to wrap around the curve of the spine for users with kyphosis and other unique spinal positioning needs.

NXT Armadillo adjustment range

B: Off-loading for spinious processes in the recessed middle channel.

C: Expandable mounting hooks allow the back support to mount on wider wheelchairs (up to 2″ wider).

D: Adjustable bottom plate offers individualized pelvic support at the PSIS.

NXT Armadillo set up for kyphosis applications

Adjustable shell for kyphosis applications

The shell design of the Armadillo back support maintains pelvic support, and maximises back surface contact for even pressure distribution.

Adjustable for lordosis or bariatric applications

The NXT Armadillo’s shell can adjust to accommodate the gluteal shelf area.

NXT smartx3D cover

smartx3D cover

Unlike two-dimensional fabrics, smartx3D uses a three-layer technology that includes two separate fabrics joined by a monofilament yarn that creates a breathable channel between the two fabrics. It is this channel that gives smartx3D its 3D structure and creating a “micro-climate” between layers. Heat and vapour move easily through the highly permeable fabric layer. smartx3D naturally offers a four-way stretch which provides enhanced immersion, aiding in pressure redistribution. Soft, breathable, resistant to pilling and with moisture-wicking properties, smartx3D offers the ultimate in comfort.

NXT's smartGEL


The combination of NXT’s smartx3D fabric and smartGEL foam provides the ultimate in comfort and support. NXT’s smartGEL foam offers a higher IFD (Indent Force Deflection and Density), yet it is incredibly soft, highly resilient, and long-lasting. smartGEL is a Visco Elastic foam that is infused with gel. The gel is incorporated into the foam mixture at the molecular level, which allows for 100% homogeneous cooling with no breakdown of embedded gel beads. This reduces surface temperature, drawing heat away from the skin while providing superior comfort and softness.

Technical specifications
Width 14" - 24" | 35.5cm - 61cm
Height16" - 20" | 40.6cm - 50.8cm
Top adjustability40° anterior - 20° posterior
Lower adjustability30° anterior - 30° posterior
Weight1.77kg (weight based on 16" shell)
Weight capacityWidths 14" - 20": 136kg
Widths 22" - 24": 181kg

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