Kimba Neo Stroller

The Kimba Neo is a rehab stroller that is highly adjustable and supportive without drawing attention to itself. For ages 1-10 years it is comfortable and shock-absorbing, adapting to your child’s needs throughout time.

  • Supportive seating system
  • Easy to operate and fold
  • Maneuverable base
  • High-low base option

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Kimba Neo close up of padding
Soft, comfortable and secure

The padding material supports the spine and prevents caving in – It is comfortable and soft. Adjustable lateral supports at the hips, thighs and if necessary, the head support ensures even better stability and security.

Kimba Neo padding options
Just right for kids

The pads of the Kimba Neo not only look especially attractive, but also fulfill a therapeutic function. They stabilise your child exactly where support is needed. Thanks to the durable, washable and soft materials, your child will feel secure. 

Kimba Neo close up of suspension and brake
Adjustable suspension

The adjustable suspension helps prevent spasms. Thanks to the suspension, the driving characteristics are smooth and the buggy is easier to steer, even on rough terrain.

Kimba Neo in rest position
Fast switch to resting position
With the seat tilt mechanism, you can tip the seat to various positions: The rest position relieves strain on your child’s spine. The active position activates the muscles in the torso. Even though you can switch between the active and rest positions with ease, all original settings are retained.
Kimba Neo adjustable backrest angle
Continuously adjustable back angle
The backrest adapts to the needs of the child. In parallel, the knee and hip angle can be continuously adjusted as well. Here the angles can even be adjusted to more or less than 90 degrees.
Kimba Neo in reclined position
Reclining position

The Kimba Neo stroller is even suitable for supervised sleeping, because it can be adjusted to horizontal. This is especially handy for nappy changes.

Kimba Neo - changing the line of vision
Changing the line of vision

The seat can be easily rotated in the direction of travel or the opposite direction. This ensures a quick response in case of seizures. You always maintain close contact and can see your child.

Kimba Neo with tray
Plug on tray
The tray is quick to plug on and take off. It activates arm extension and makes it easier to raise the upper body. Toys can be secured very well on the tray as well.
Technical specifications
 Size 1Size 2
Overall width60cm70cm
Front wheel diameter17 cm17 cm
Front wheel diameter (fixed version)28cm28cm
Rear wheel diameter 28cm28cm
Push handle height 71 to 116 cm71 to 116 cm
Seat tilt-35°/+10° or -10°/+35°-35°/+10° or -10°/+35°
Maximum load capacity of mobility base55 kg55 kg
Maximum load capacity of storage basket7kg7kg
Weight of mobility base10.5kg11.5kg
Folding size without seat (L x W x H)79x60x4679x67x47
Min. folding size + seat facing forward,
Seat tilt 10° to the rear, back angle 100° (L x W x H)
Seat width20–30 cm26–35 cm
Seat depth19–31 cm24–40 cm
Backrest height41–61 cm56–70 cm
Backrest inclination80°–180°80°–180°
Height of slots for shoulder straps (min./max.)30/45 cm30/45 cm
Width of shoulder strap slots5cm5cm
Lower leg length19–31 cm20–37 cm
Maximum load capacity of seat unit40kg40kg
Maximum load capacity for use in a wheelchair accessible vehicle27kg40kg
Weight of seating unit7kg8.5kg
Folding size with lateral supports (L x W x H)58x37x4259x43x58

Warranty Information
The Kimba Neo stroller has a two year warranty. 

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Kimba Neo stroller has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • AS/NZS 3695.1:2011

ARTG Certificate: 154174

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