Spex XLella2 Bariatric Back Support

The Spex XLella² is a biangular back support with two adjustable sections to accommodate gluteal shelf and excess adipose tissue, for bariatric wheelchair users up to 300kg.

The XLella² provides a higher degree of trunk support by offloading the posterior side of the pelvis to accommodate a gluteal shelf. Its lower section has a total of 85⁰ of adjustment, with 55⁰ posterior and 30⁰ anterior. This maximises pressure distribution and relief, to assure adequate postural support, and ultimately provide comfort.

The bariatric population presents specific seating challenges. Positioning the pelvis in neutral may not be possible because excessive soft tissue limits the ability to control the position of the pelvis and spine, therefore, it is essential to provide adequate pressure distribution and relief, heat and moisture control, and ultimately, comfort. The excessive adipose tissue in the gluteal region (gluteal shelf) can also prevent bariatric users from sitting with adequate spinal support, which can contribute to back pain. The XLella² back support provides an off-the-shelf solution, with integrated adjustability and adaptability for potential changing needs.

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Functional benefits

Spex XLella back support being fitted to wheelchair

Purpose built for bariatric wheelchair users

Heavy duty and built tough to meet the daily lifestyle demands of heavy duty wheelchair users. The robust shell and hardware are not only tested and rated for heavier users up to 300kg, but their biomechanics design provides superior postural support and comfort for larger body sizes.
Spex XLella2 back support close up

Adaptive Profile Curvature System profiles to shape

The XLella² back support provides effective positioning through the adaptive Profile Curvature System that contours to the shape of the individual. Its lower section has a total of 85° of adjustment, with 55° and 30° anterior. You can match the trunk profile and tighten to secure. Once tightened, you can be confident the system will stay in place. Adjustments are made through each shell section, offering flexibility as positioning needs change over time. 

Spex XLella Vigour back support - close up of dual support cover

Dual layer outer cover technology

Dual layer technology in the back support outer cover reduces shear forces, combatting the likelihood of chafing and pressure injuries. With air mesh side panels and moisture-wicking front surface fabric, build up of heat and moisture is limited. Covers can be easily removed and re-fitted after laundering.
Spex XLella Vigour back support showing zipper to access cover for additional supports

Easily provide additional positioning

Increased positioning can be achieved through the use of wedge accessories and tessellated shapes for adaptable contouring. Accessible cover design enables easy insertion of positioning components through zippers on the side of the padding.
Spex XLella back support with head support mounted

Compatibility with Spex postural supports

Spex XLella back supports are compatible with the standard range of postural accessories, including lateral trunk supports, anterior chest supports and head supports.
Technical specifications
Weight (without hardware, 22" back)3.9kg
Weight capacity300kg
Contouring angle adjustment capability30° anterior and 55° posterior
Overall thickness (including cover)60mm
Spex XLella2 back support foam composition
Warranty Information
Each Spex Back Support is carefully inspected to provide peak performance and is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase, provided normal use. Should a defect in materials or workmanship occur within 24 months from the original date of purchase, Medifab will, at its option, repair or replace it without charge. This warranty applies to the back support components including the outer cover, foam unit and hardware. This Warranty does not apply to the general wear and use, including punctures, tears or burns or customer abuse of any of the back components. 

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
Spex Back Supports have been tested to and comply with the following standards:

  • AS/NZS 3695 and AS/NZS 3696 (Wheelchair Requirements and Test Methods)
  • AS/NZS ISO 16840.4 (Seating Systems for use in Motor Vehicles)

Spex also maintains a quality management system that is certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 13485:2016. 

ARTG Certificate: 160970

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