Invacare TDX-SP2 Power Wheelchair

The Invacare TDX SP2 is an elite, high performance, centre wheel drive power wheelchair equipped with the advanced Ultra Low Maxx seating system and revolutionary LiNX smart technology. The perfect mix of functionality, customisation and style. Offering maximum stability and safety, the Stability Lock function ensures all six wheels stay firmly on the ground on uneven terrain. The patented SureStep suspension technology enables a smooth ride while negotiating challenging surfaces.

LiNX is Invacare’s new control system, contains advanced technology that provides a superb driving experience for users and allows professionals to configure and tailor powerchairs quickly and more intuitively. The smart control system enables programming and maintenance updates to be made wirelessly and in real time. With a 3.5” colour touchscreen requiring minimal force to operate, this innovative interactive remote can be configured to a users’ physical and cognitive ability. With built in Bluetooth, users can be connected to 3 devices simultaneously through their wheelchair  and has mouse mover functionality.

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