Leckey PAL Seat

The Leckey PAL chair is a colourful, comfortable seating system providing minimal physical support for children aged 1-12 years. It has a two-point lap belt and side pads for lateral stability available, along with height adjustable armrests, legs and footplate. A range of base and footrest options available, including castors, rockers and stabilisers are also available.

The PAL chair is available in two bright colours (blue and green) in wipe clean fabric and in four sizes:
Size 1: ages 1-3 (approximate)
Size 2: ages 2-5 (approximate)
Size 3: ages 4-8 (approximate)
Size 4: ages 7-12 (approximate)

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Leckey PAL with castors
Versatile base options

The Leckey PAL has a range of base and footrest options, including castors, rockers and stabilisers, depending on the specific needs of the child.

Leckey PAL side view
Adjustments made easier than a..b…c

The PAL is the perfect classroom activity solution for effective, comfortable seating that still meets the postural support needs for children with mild complexities.

The Leckey PAL’s angle adjustable backrest, armrests, tray and tables ensure that the trunk has the extra support needed to help to lessen fatigue.

Leckey PAL with footplate and positioning pieces
Positioning made easy

Coming equipped with a two point pelvic belt offers the foundation of effective posturing through a stable and adjustable pelvic base designed for mild posturing needs.

Additional positioning pieces, supports and footplates can be easily added to ensure the correct postural foundation for a comfortable learning environment.

Available accessories 

Technical specifications
 Size 1Size 2Size 3Size 4
Age1 - 3 years2 - 5 years4 - 8 years7 - 12 years
User height700mm - 950mm 900mm - 1050mm 1000mm - 1300mm1200mm - 1600mm
Maximum user weight30kg35kg40kg50kg
Seat depth180mm - 240mm220mm - 290mm250mm - 330mm300mm - 400mm
Seat width150mm - 250mm170mm - 270mm230mm - 330mm280mm - 380mm
Seat height160mm - 240mm185mm - 285mm250mm - 350mm300mm - 400mm
Warranty Information
A three year warranty is provided on all Leckey manufactured products and components.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Leckey PAL has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • ISO 13485:2016page1image56240064 page1image56233728 page1image56234304 

ARTG Certificate: 298443

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