Bodypoint Dynamic Arm Support

The clinically developed Bodypoint Dynamic Arm Support is designed to provide optimal arm positioning, providing an option for intervention and prevention for the upper extremity following injury or neurological events.

It provides three points of support at the elbow, forearm, and hand with a focus on preventing contractures, shoulder pain, and shoulder subluxation. The uniquely shaped pads facilitate a functional and neutral position of the forearm and hand.

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Three points of contact
The arm support can be quickly set up according to the user’s needs with elbow, forearm, and hand support. 
Bodypoint Dynamic Arm Support 1
Dynamic Movement
The pivot mechanism positioned under the elbow pad allows 60° of rotation, stimulating proprioception and increasing strength and range of motion. The position can also be locked in steps of 5° to find the ideal resting position for the user.
Bodypoint dynamic arm support flexible hand block
Unique flexible hand lock

The dynamic hand block design allows the fingers to flex, while encouraging the hand to return to a neutral position once the muscle tension releases. The thumb rests comfortably on the elevated section in a natural resting position, while the padded strap goes over the metacarpophalangeal joints to keep the user’s hand securely and comfortably in position. The  wrist angle is adjustable to accommodate the user’s appropriate position.

Bodypoint dynamic arm support shoulder positioning
Optimal shoulder positioning

The modular arm support can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of users. It features soft and durable foam to provide proper pressure distribution and prevent subluxation. Proper positioning greatly reduces the strain on the shoulder muscles and provides proprioceptive input. 

Bodypoint dynamic arm support forearm pad
Forearm pad

The forearm pad is adjustable in both depth and angle to ensure proper contact and positioning. The forearm pad can be flipped (rotated 180 degrees) so that it can support the medial or lateral forearm.

Bodypoint Dynamic Arm Support
Quick release function

The Dynamic Arm Support features a unique quick-release mechanism for easy removal for transfers. 

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