Invacare Top End Crossfire All Terrain Rigid Frame Manual Wheelchair

Do you like to hike, fish, camp, kayak, garden or go to the beach? You can do it all with the Crossfire All Terrain. The Crossfire All Terrain Wheelchair is the monster truck of wheelchairs and is designed to leave some serious tracks.

Standard features include:

Standard Features
• T6 frame
• 25” x 2.75” knobby wheels
• 8” x 2” front castors
• High ground clearance
• High forward and side-to-side stability
• 250 lb. (113kg) weight capacity

Optional features include:

• Spinergy Spox wheels
• Quad release axles
• Titanium axles
• Coated pushrims
• Titanium handrims
• Natural-Fit handrims
• Fixed back
• Push handles
• Carbon fibre sideguards
• Removable sideguards
• Folding sideguards
• Positioning straps
• Alignment gauge
• Anti-tip bars


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